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23Life is full of changes and sometimes those changes can be difficult. However, a move to Meadowbrook Manor doesn't have to be.We move for various reasons during our lives – we grow up, move out of our parent’s homes to go off to school or get married, relocate due to our jobs or service to our country, and sometimes we move for health reasons. I started to recognize the discomfort, nervousness, and apprehension related to moving, in myself, during my last moves.

As the administrator of Meadowbrook Manor I’ve seen it in the individual and family members, when Mom or Dad first moves into our home. That’s why everyone who touches the lives of our residents strives to make 2Meadowbrook Manor their “Home Away From Home” as well.

I have a poem on my wall, by Esther Mary Walker, title “Beatitudes For Friends Of The Aged”, it talks about many small kindness that any person can do for another who is in the winter of their life. Simple gestures, such as offering an arm for support, just till they get their balance; taking a few minutes to stop to visit and sitting a little closer, so they can see or hear better; listening to the same story again, because it makes them smile. These are all things I can do, all caring people can do. And they’re all things that make Meadowbrook Manor a comfortable and safe home, for our residents.

Thank you, for visiting our web site and feel free to visit us, at Home, anytime.

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